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Tropical Fruit

Hot off the press, this 16" x 20" Oil Painting is on stretched canvas and may be finished. I have one little tweaking idea I may add.......Anyway, clearly it's been a challenge getting paintings finished, much less posted. I did photograph 3 new ones today, so should be good for 3 or 4 days. Making time for painting is really hard when there are people around (oh, those beloved people).

Cabo II Oil Painting Landscape With Palm Trees By Amy Whitehouse

6"x8" Landscape Oil Painting Framed with Mat, $150

Desert Wonder Oil Painting of Blooming Cactus

This 16" x 20" Oil Painting on stretched canvas is available for $700. The wonders of the desert often seem unreal, still after 16 years.

Arizona Mountains Oil Landscape

A 24" x 30" Oil Painting on Stretched Canvas of a beautiful scene in Arizona, $1200

It's A Beautiful Tree

12"x12" Stretched Canvas with 1-1/2" painted sides, ready to hang or display on shelf or small easel. This painting has several layers and textural interest and I finally finished it after a few weeks in the making. $800

Happy New Year!

Hot off the easel, this 6"x8" painting on stretched canvas has 1-1/2" painted sides and can sit on its own or look great in a tabletop small easel - or it's ready to hang on the wall. Happy New Year and may all of God's abundant blessings be yours in 2011.