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Abstract Seascape #16, Seascape Paintings by Amy Whitehouse

6" x 8" Oil, $175
One of my favorite paintings of mine, this abstract seascape captures the "feel" of the sea or an intracoastal waterway. It contains my favorite colors, and I was pleased with the texture as well.
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Atlantic Beach, Seascape Paintings by Amy Whitehouse

18" x 36" Oil, $800
Finished this afternoon, I named this painting after  my favorite beach,  but it could really be just about anywhere on a coast.
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Sunrise, Contemporary Beach and Ocean Paintings by Amy Whitehouse

12" x 16" Oil, $250
Lots of texture and complimentary colors give this contemporary sunrise painting its punch. As I often do, I began the painting, put it aside for awhile, pulled it back out to add some layers of paint, and repeated this process over several weeks.
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Hawaii Dreams, Beach and Ocean Paintings by Amy Whitehouse

11" x 14" Acrylic on W/C Paper, $125
100+ degree weather makes me yearn for tropical climes all the more. Can't think of a more ideal place than Hawaii.
This painting started as a monoprint, painting with brush and palette knife followed, and it just looked like Hawaii when I finished it. I want to jump into the surf right about now.
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Resilience, Contemporary Figure Painting by Arizona Artist Amy Whitehouse

11" x 14" Monoprint, $125
As I approach a brand new career in teaching art to elementary and middle school students, I am encouraged by the resilient women I know. Fortunately I have quite a few role models ~ older, younger, same age as I am ~ to inspire me.
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