Psychedelic Sunflower, Original Acrylic Painting with contemporary elements by Amy Whitehouse

11"x14" Acrylic on Stretched Canvas, $500
The longer I have this painting, the higher I esteem it and want it. I have listed a price but am not sure I can let it go just yet. I imagine some of my viewers will not like it, some may wonder if they should like it, some will ask What on earth is that?, and maybe one or two will like it. I'm pretty comfortable with all kinds of responses to my work. The ones I like best are those that feel true, that appear genuine, that are gut level honest. And I welcome critiques. But isn't it impossible to get inside another's mind to see the particular vision they have inside that they want to paint on their canvas. This is what makes teaching art to a class so difficult - all those children with their issues trying to do something that could be especially hard for me. THey cannot explain what picture/style is in their brain, and I don't want them to copy me/ask me to do theirs/learn nothing. Too much rambling, I should be in bed sleeping soundly. Anyway my classes begin Sept. 24, Sat., 10 a.m. - 11:30. A.M. class is for middle school ages to adult. P.M. class is for elementary age children. Contact me for info.


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