Pumpkin 11 Oil Painting by AZ Artist Amy Whitehouse

$300 ~ I finished this painting this morning, the 2.5" edges are painted in the same green as the background, and it is ready to hang. Pumpkins are obviously one of my favorite subjects and I enjoy exploring various ways I can represent the fall staple. Also, it has been brought to my attention that I need to re-visit Vincent Van Gogh's letters. Somehow I can get waylaid in my thinking that good art will be rewarded in material gain. Vincent sold about one painting in his life, yet how many people have been delighted, inspired, and enamored by his artwork?

Thank you to all who give me such positive comments. It keeps me going.


  1. Une profusion de couleurs, de l'éclat, de la lumière qui jouent avec les rondeurs...
    Une peinture similaire à la sculpture : j'ai envie de la toucher...
    Beau travail...
    Gros bisous


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