Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Hibiscus, Contemporary Floral Paintings by Arizona Artist Amy Whitehouse

6"x8," Oil on Canvas Panel, $60
Day 4 of 30/60
A common question/problem among my painter friends 
as well as my students is,
"How do I know when the painting is finished?"
Well....good question.
The answer can be quite tricky,
as that sweet spot between "unfinished" and "overdone"
is a delicate balance.
I prefer a certain freshness that hasn't lost the liveliness
of the early strokes of paint.
As one of my teachers says, "It takes two to do a painting.
One to paint it, and one to say 'Stop. Now.'"
30/60 is my personal challenge to offer
30 days of paintings at $60 each.
I hope you find something you like in these 30 days
(leading up to my....60th bd; yes, it's hard to swallow,
but, hey, life is great.  Especially when I get to paint.)

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