Sunday, September 15, 2013

Carnival Pumpkin, Contemporary Pumpkin Paintings by Arizona Artist Amy Whitehouse


5"x 7," Acrylic, Framed, $60

Day 27 of Challenge 30/60

Turning 60 has been a blast so far.  I've decided this decade
will be my best so far.

Thank you to all of my wonderful art patrons:
17 of the 26 posted paintings during this Challenge 30/60
have sold.

This is not a new painting; it's one I've held on to for awhile because I like it.
But turning 60 is also a time to start letting go of more things,
and making life simpler.  At least that's one of my goals.
This one is framed in a little blonde wood frame, ready to hang.
The background has lots of texture and the colors sing.

I failed to post Day 26 on my blog yesterday.  Too much
birthday hullabaloo.   Here it is:
Simple Lunch, 6" x 8," Oil $60

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