Miami Beach IV Acrylic Painting By Amy Whitehouse

30"x30"x1-1/2" Palm Tree Landscape on Gallery Wrapped Canvas, $500
This past week I haven't painted much and it's making me crabby! Hope to finish a large commissioned piece tomorrow and be able to post it. An ambitious concept as I have a ways to go with it. Will begin teaching my art students soon and look forward to that so much. Thanks for taking a look. Some have asked how to get my blog daily automatically in their e-mail: I have no idea, but if anyone does I'd appreciate your help.


  1. Hi Amy. Love the Caribbean aqua. It gives the painting such a nice feel.

    About having direct emails available. Its a setting in your design. Click to add a gadget and I believe its called subscription links. Not positive though, I don't use this feature. Maybe I should...


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