Sunday, May 6, 2012

Afternoon Storm Seascape Paintings by Arizona Artist Amy Whitehouse

16"x20" Acrylic on Canvas, $229

Yesterday after my painting students went home, 
there were palettes of leftover acrylic paint.
I cannot abide throwing away perfectly good paint,
and haven't found a way to save acrylic paint once it's been squeezed out.
So, I always try to paint something with the paint they left.

Obviously I'm taken with clouds these days.
Joni Mitchell?  1970?
I'm also longing for the beach
to which I will fly in July.

I'm sending my paints and canvases ahead of me
and hope to do some plein aire paintings of the Florida coastline.
The California coast is closer, but our families' roots are in Florida, 
so we gather together each July there,
from Virginia, Arkansas, Texas, and Arizona.

Florida Grouper and hushpuppies and iced tea.
That's all I want.

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