Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Six Apples in a Row Contemporary Still Life Paintings by Arizona Artist Amy Whitehouse

10"x20" Canvas Panel, Oil and Acrylic, $60
Today is Day 41 of CHALLENGE 60, 
so for 19 more days I have several paintings
priced at $60 for my private fundraiser
for friends in need of financial help and emotional support.
A huge thank you to those who have purchased from this
endeavor of mine.
Together we have been able to give around $300 to unexpecting recipients, whose eyes fill with tears
that strangers are donating money to their cause.
Their "cause" is their precious child who spent 5 weeks in ICU
with several extremely serious, life-threatening issues.
She is recovering but has a long way to go.

Also a plug for Village Coffee Roastery who has THE BEST COFFEE, LATTES, CAPPACINOS, and
Go to 8129 N. Hayden Rd. #E104, tell them Amy Whitehouse sent you -
and I'm sure you'll get the royal treatment - and they'll say "You mean Amy Winehouse?  I thought she died."  And the erudite conversation will take off from there.

I went in Monday, that would have been yesterday, well it just turned into Wednesday which means I'm up way too late.  Anyway I was cheerfully greeted with,
"You sold another painting, Amy!"
I just love going there.

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  1. Love that I got to be there to see your delight and surprise and joy that your creation was loved by a Village Roastery customer! Your whole face lit up...what a great experience! And after that wonderful news we happily drained every bit of our lattes. (Not skimpy on the creamy great)


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