Sea Oats at Sunset, Beach and Ocean Paintings by Amy Whitehouse

6" x 6" Oil, $95
I'm loving painting on these 6" x 6" Ampersand panels.
Every day I'm excited to try a new scene on these small, slippery canvas boards. I get new finishes and am challenged to produce different textures. In this one I wanted the sky to have soft edges and the sea oats in the foreground to stand out with harder edges.
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St. Bueno's Church in Wales, Contemporary Landscape Paintings by Amy Whitehouse

11" x 14" Oil, $400
St. Bueno's Church in Wales is the oldest Anglican church in England. I haven't been to Wales yet, but it's on my list.
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Beach Dreams 16, Ocean and Beach Paintings by Amy Whitehouse

6" x 6" Oil, $175
Looking back over my photographs taken from last beach trip, the dazzling white sand and blue shadows caught my eye. And I just had to paint it. Starting to pack for my next beach trip.
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Cute Dog, Pet Commissions by Amy Whitehouse

8" x 10" Oil, Not For Sale
I love doing pet commissions! This one I had to re-do completely, which was momentarily frustrating,  but am so happy with the final result.
This painting was commissioned by someone who is surprising her friend with this portrait as a gift.
Please consider having me paint your pet or a loved one's pet.
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Mother's Day '18, Contemporary Floral Paintings by Amy Whitehouse

12" x 16" Oil, $600
I worked and reworked this painting over the course of about three weeks. I'm happy with the end result. Flowers are food to the soul.
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Daffodil Trio, Contemporary Floral Paintings by Amy Whitehouse

Oil, 6" x 8" $150
Lately I've been thinking more about the structure of specific flowers, as well as the way light falls on my subjects. Composition is always uppermost in my mind, and I want to give the background some interest. I love the neutral foil to the bright blooms.
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