Sunday, June 24, 2012


3-3/4"x5" Mixed Media

As I get older I am more & more drawn to...
...abstract art.
Can't help it - just is a fact.

Sometimes abstract art can speak to me when nothing else does.
Sometimes abstract art can be there when the concrete world
is not making sense, and that can be comforting.
Sometimes abstract art is just peaceful to look at,
and doesn't carry any specific representations
that might have negative triggers.
It can hold my attention, or be a place of refuge,
depending on the day or the hour.

Some of my art friends are disparaging of abstract art.
I have found it can be extremely challenging to create.
And lovely to observe.

1 comment:

  1. Lovely painting :) I understand what your saying entirely. Sometimes I think abstract art is like music in the sense that it says things which one wouldn't be able to put into words and conveys true emotion, where as figuration perhaps closer to poetry says things in a different way, but some things can't be put into words or given objective representation which is where abstraction speaks volumes, but still deserves more credit thanks its given. People dismiss abstraction and don't realise how hard it is to make an image when you are given no bounds...
    Thanks for sharing your work :)


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