Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Sunset on Beach, Seascape Paintings by Arizona Artist Amy Whitehouse

20" x 30" Oil, $200

The endless supply of cloud formations are ever-inspiring.
Likewise are the reflections on a beach.

If anyone reading this is NOT doing something creative - every day - 
we need to talk.
You don't know how life-lifting it is until you do it.
Just do it. 
Then please share, so we can be motivated by each other's
EVERYONE has creativity within because EVERYONE
is made in the image of God.
And He is the Grand Creator.
If you need a pen to write, I'll send you one.
If you don't have paints, I'll mail some to you.
If you don't have time, give up a tv show.
Seriously, get up and get going.
It will bring new life to you, those near you, and possibly

1 comment:

  1. Hi Amy. Hope all is well. Yes I am doing creative things daily!!! Your sales are adding up nicely on your sideboard. Congrats and keep up the good work!

    I've got the Maine Mutt Mansion on my mind. Any interest?


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