Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Palm, Contemporary Landscape Paintings by Arizona Artist Amy Whitehouse

12" x 12," Acrylic, $175

This looks like a Christmas palm with the color combination.
I was experimenting with acrylic application techniques here
and just having fun making pink and red fronds.

I actually painted on Christmas Eve day, finishing
a very large ocean scene for a gift for one of my children, 
and starting and finishing a very small ocean scene just for me.

I heard of a fellow artist who has stopped painting altogether.
This makes me sad, as it seemed that she stopped because
she wasn't making any money.
Well, I'm glad I make art because I have to, I just love doing it,
there seems no end to the exploration with all the painting media
that exists, and the infinite possibilities of making images.
Plus I really enjoy breaking the rules of painting
just to see what will happen.
It's all a joy and I hope to keep it that way forever.

Blessings to everyone during this holy season of celebration.

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