Monday, January 21, 2013

Hibiscus #2, Contemporary Floral Paintings by Arizona Amy Whitehouse

So here are Hibiscus #2 and the first Hibiscus, each one at 6"x8", each one priced at $45
Which one do you like better?


  1. Hi Amy, Have just discovered your blog and posted a comment on your lovely cactus flower from Aug 11, 2010. Thought you might not find it as it was so long ago. Lovely paintings!

  2. Thanks, Wendy! I so love every positive word that I receive, it makes me feel affirmed and that I should keep painting! Do you paint? Have a website I could visit?

    1. Hi Amy,
      Yes you can visit me at my blog - or click on my name near the photo.
      You should definitely keep painting! I saw that you mentioned loving oil crayons - do they have a similar finish to paints?


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