Saturday, April 6, 2013

The Joy Tree, Contemporary Landscapes and Trees by Arizona Artist Amy Whitehouse

Trees, Oceans, Colors, Life-Giving Encounters,
Faith, Vibrancy, Mindfulness ~~
So much has been going through my mind the last few weeks
with regard to life and with regard to painting.
Is it even possible to sift through the events of one especially busy
crazy week
and bake it all together as a cake that makes sense?
I don't think's too complicated - this life in 2013.
But I want to pick out a few strands and look at them.

This week contained several stressors - some good, some not so much;
new challenges are great stressors, teenagers not always;
but my attention has been being turned to more mindfulness
and less wastefulness.
Because I am making thoughtful choices about what I am eating,
I am savoring the flavor and consistency of each bite.
Because I am being reminded that the girls are growing up,
I am trying to not let unwholesome talk come out of my mouth, 
but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs,
that it may benefit those who listen.
Because I am intently focusing on turning 60 in a few months,
I want to use my time wisely
so that I have only a minimum of regrets and plenty of great memories.
Also the art I do wants to have a purpose:
does it express my convictions?
does it inspire others to put THEIR  true selves onto a support?
Here's a tough one:  is my style developing into that which is is meant to be?

How much fun am I allowed to have when making artwork, and still be considered to be
developing my work?

Please send in your answers, and my favorite may choose a painting that I will 
ship for free to your home.*

BTW this little piece of joy goes for $175
If interested, please contact me at

*I will make a list of 10 paintings from which the winner may choose
in a page above listed Purpose of Making Art.


  1. I think the more joy/fun you have while doing your art, the more you have found who you are as an artist and can rest in that. The struggle should be for up-coming artists who are searching for their own style and their place in their artistic vision. If you find yourself enjoying what you do more than struggling with it...I think that is the sweet spot. The blessed place to be as an artist, because 1) it will show in your work, 2) you will enjoy what you do regardless of what anyone else says or thinks, and 3) it means you are where you should be in using your gift. It is one thing if you are unsatisfied with your work because you are searching for something to complete it...but it is entirely another thing if you are struggling with it because you feel it has stalled at a lesser level than you wish to be as an artist. Your work brings joy to people. If you enjoy doing it AND it makes others happy...that sounds like a sweet spot to me!

    1. Love this answer, Snowgirl! I really appreciate the thought you put into it. I AM enjoying my art more than struggling with it, which I believe is a sign that it is a gift given by God to express. But additionally I like your idea that this is the sweet spot. Often I don't feel like I am doing art WORK, but art PLAY; I then sometimes wonder if I'm not being serious-minded about the art. But if so, that is ok, too - I think. Sometimes I do feel it is not what it should be, that it should look like a body of like-minded work, that it hasn't reached the level that supports itself financially. But then I have to throw all that off and just paint. And I have found that there are days when I want to accomplish something specific that is more traditional, and it may be more of an effort. If it turns out well, I'm quite pleased. There are other days when I throw caution to the wind and just start playing with color, paper, experimental methods, whatever, with not much concrete in my mind. I'm often thrilled with these results, but worry that they're not real art. Someone must have drilled something into my head about what is real serious art (and thus important art), and what is play (which is kid stuff). Well, thanks for listening, Snowgirl; I plan to re-read all this and think about it some more.


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