Ocean at Sunset, Seascape Paintings by Arizona Artist Amy Whitehouse

24" x 30," Mixed Media, $600

This painting was such a delight to put together.
My studio looked like a tornado had struck,
papers everywhere, paints, jars of water, brushes,
gold leaf particles drifting around...
wait a minute...it looks like that most of the week.
I do clean up before my Saturday art classes.
Speaking of which, my students were on fire yesterday.
Here is one finished by Matt:

Doesn't it look like a Monet that you would see in Paris?
I am so totally impressed with this young man.

But getting back to ME,
if you would love to have the above mixed media painting in your home,
please get in touch with me at amy.whitehouse@me.com

If you would love to have Matt's painting,
you'll have to go through me too.
I think I've just decided to be his agent.

Have a great week
and do something creative EVERY DAY THIS WEEK.


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    1. Amy!
      I am new to your blog and because of your wonderful art I will be back often.
      I especially love the above mixed media seascape. I enjoy so much about this painting. The subject matter, the colors,the abstract like quality in the foreground and so much more make me want to look at this very successful piece over and over again.
      Your newest art buddy,


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