Friday, November 9, 2012

Simple Lunch, Contemporary Still Life Paintings by Arizona Artist Amy Whitehouse

6" x 8 " Oil on Panel, $65

I love painting.  And this week I haven't been able to paint,
but I have been able to 
(See previous post.)

Today was full with shopping for Katie's new ballet slippers,
shoes for school, some bright pink skinny jeans and a trendy top.
Then....baking sourdough loaves,
setting the table to have all the kids over
plus our brand-new granddaughter,
Elinor Grace Whitehouse,
cleaning up after a couple of dog misbehaviors,
throwing the clean laundry in the clean bathtub to fold
Mark made grilled shrimp/pineapple skewers 
and homemade chocolate ice cream.
Rachel made batches of home-made applesauce
which Mark then canned.
We are a very imperfect family,
but tonight we did pretty well.

So...I hope to paint tomorrow!
Thanks for visiting and I hope you'll tune in tomorrow.

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