Thursday, August 16, 2012

Beach Retreat, Photograph from Fernandina Beach, FL

Recently our family spent a couple of weeks in Florida,
visiting family, friends, and playing in the ocean.
Towards the end of our stay, my husband had to return with the girls ahead of me,
 because they were starting school.
So, that meant I had 3 days alone to paint.
I took a lot of pictures for reference material from which to paint
back in Arizona. 
This was one of my favorite photographs of the lot.
It shows the path to the beach and ocean from the beach house
generously provided by old friends, Rosanne and Nina.
Now, forgive me if the following analogy sounds trite, but, hey,
I'm trying.
This path looks like the way to beach nirvana, right?
And is was, being near a state park and kind of out in the middle of nowhere,
the beach was always empty of people or nearly so.
The views were spectacular, the sound and sight of the waves so comforting.
one of the afternoons as I was making my way along this sandy way,
suddenly a large (medium?) snake crossed the path about 10 inches in front of me.
O.K. so where's the analogy?
Life this side of heaven is never nirvana.  It is always a mix of 
This week has brought blessings and disappointments,
affirmations and discouragements.
I'm so glad God is sovereign and I have the choice to rest in Him.

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