Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Mini Aspens Mixed Media Paintings by Arizona Artist Amy Whitehouse

Day 2 of CHALLENGE 60 features a contemporary representation of aspens in Northern Arizona. The painting measures 4"x12"x1.25" and the sides are painted so that it's ready to hang. $60 for CHALLENGE 60 and 60% goes to friends in need (see prior posting). So how was YOUR day? I tend to focus on the failures of my day and life, and was reminded by another blogger today to celebrate today's achievements. So I thought I'd share the exciting news that I cleaned out part of my studio's bathroom today! Yes, this is what I am celebrating as my day's achievement. You might think, hmm, big whip; but YOU didn't see it before I cleaned it and vacuumed it. Well I still have the rest of the bathroom and the entire studio to clean, but I'm still celebrating. What was your day's achievement? Oh yes, I also took a nap, which I haven't done in many months. I sat down to read for a few minutes and remember laying my head on the very uncomfortable 90 degree angle of the hard armchair arms, thinking, "If I do fall asleep it won't be for long on this uncomfy spot." Well...I was wrong! I slept for 2 hours! Another achievement - yay, me!


  1. Une autre très jolie peinture... différente soit mais avec des nuances de couleurs magnifiques...
    Ma journée fut une journée remplie à l'atelier où j'ai peint une bonne partie de la journée, enfin jusqu'à ce qu'une amie vienne me rendre visite en fin d'après-midi pour le thé...
    Je vous fais de gros bisous

  2. Le the d'apres-midi est tres important. Merci encore pour votre mots. Je voudrais trouver les vocabulaire francais tres bien.


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